in Hamburg. Stages obligatoires - alternance possible, Mastère 2 Management du Tourisme Evénementiel, Bachelor Tourisme et Hôtellerie – Responsable marketing et commercial, Mastère 2 Management du tourisme événementiel. L’UPEM propose un Master Tourisme TACE: Tourisme d’affaires, Congrès et Événementiel. The Master Tourism Destination Management is a one-year, full-time programme. Moreover, people from different countries are discovering new places of interest: for example, in Russia, there is growing interest in South America and South-East Asia, and places such as these are be­coming more and more popular. I found the programme to be a great combination of tourism and marketing. Le master en événementiel est une formation d… Tourism, Culture and Society Instruction language English Type Master Duration 1 year Location Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam Tuition fees (2021-2022)* €2,168 (Statutory fee: Dutch / EEA students) €11,800 (Institutional fee: Dutch / EEA students) €11,800 (Institutional fee: non-EEA students) It is a small university, and the atmosphere is cosy and friendly. But I still couldn't leave. Tourism The Tourism Programme at Aalborg University, Denmark, is a two-year Master's degree which is offered in English at the university's campuses in Aalborg and Copenhagen. In the first semester, you will study the four main modules of the programme. One year of study gave me a lot of new foreign friends. Both master's programs provide the same study experiences. Cette formation est accessible après avoir validé une L3 ou équivalent dans les domaines de l’éco gestion, LEA ou SHS et autres. Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Grâce à une pédagogie résolument tournée vers la professionnalisation, vous vous préparerez à être opérationnel pour intégrer rapidement le marché du travail. Applying to the Tourism Destination Development Programme is quick and easy. I just didn't want the experience to end. Formations Bac à Bac+5, en initial ou alternance : Bachelor et mastères titres certifiés niv 6 et 7 et BTS Tourisme. Upon completion of the programme, you may also apply for a PhD position within Tourism Studies or similar fields at any Swedish university. Obtaining a higher degree in Event and Leisure Management would see students learning about the fundamental characteristics of the tourism industry. The International Tourism industry urgently needs skilled and creative managers who… Understand how to tackle sustainability challenges of tourism and its impact on societies Master different ways of critical thinking needed for solving complex problems Implement sustainable change integrating the perspectives of local residents, tourists, and service providers …to create a In the Master Tourism & Change, you will analyse the different drivers of change, evaluate the consequences of change and determine how to manage as well as design change in tourism. Courses regarding business will also be at the core of their education as those who study event management must know skills such as coordination, human resourcing, and consolidation of tasks which are all business aspects. Degree Thesis in Tourism (TR3008) (15 credits)Guest lectures and seminars headed by representatives from the regional tourism branch and from international partner universities as well as alumni are regularly held so that current students can learn more about international research in tourism, the employment market as well connect with former students to talk about opportunities. Specialisation: Tourism. You can use this degree to apply for PhD studies in Sweden. With the wealth of practical experience and the opportunity to participate in interesting tourism destination development projects that programme students receive, many go on to find their ideal jobs in the field. At home, I was taking a Marketing Techniques diploma and everything was going well for me. I found an internship in Sweden, and then decided to apply to the Tourism Master's Programmed at DU and was accepted. In the second semester, you will learn about research methods adn you will complete a research project that focuses on an aspect of destination development at an international or local tourism destination. Teachers gave us the support needed for our individual development, and I enjoyed the classroom discussions, which were filled with diverse perspectives and experiences. Nous vous informons que l'ESG Tourisme utilise vos données à des fins marketing pour personnaliser et adapter ses offres de services à vos besoins et établir des statistiques et des modèles de profils marketings. Upon completion of this programme, you will receive a Master of Science in Tourism Studies. A Master in Tourism will give you a lot of practical knowledge and can open doors to many more careers in the business. The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management incorporates comprehensive perspectives on tourism by addressing numerous sectors within the industry, from global tourism companies and sustainable tourism to marketing of destinations and emerging concerns in international tourism … One of my best memories is the music festival Peace and Love. With a Master of Management (Tourism and Event Management) from UniSA, your specialist skills and advanced knowledge will be welcomed across a broad range of industries. Genève, la ville qui accueille le plus d’organisations internationales au monde offre naturellement de nombreux débouchés aux formations en tourisme, hôtellerie, réception et voyages.. Sweden was totally unknown to me and I was among so many students with different nationalities. You will study at the Borlänge campus, which is located close to the region's largest shopping centre, beautiful natural surroundings and outstanding outdoor activities.Students from the world over come to study Tourism Destination Development at Dalarna University. You get to know many people very quickly. Students entering this program must be a graduate of a tourism related study or have a degree at the university level in a different academic field. One-Year Master Programme in Tourism Destination Development, Dalarna University saves some data as cookies to enhance and personalize your visit to our website. Elle délivre le titre de Manager marketing et développement commercial de niveau 7. En tant qu’étudiant en Mastère Management du Tourisme événementiel, vous avez le choix entre : Vous recherchez un stage ou une alternance ? En France, on compte 24 Masters Evénementiel. Il est aussi possible de se tourner vers un Master d’un autre domaine avec spécialisation Evénementiel. Around the world, as many as one in ten jobs are directly or indirectly based in the tourism and events sector. ESTEL est l'école supérieure dédiée au tourisme et à l'événementiel sur Lyon (post-bac à bac+5). 4ème année d’enseignement supérieur (240 ECTS) validée dans le domaine du commercial ou du marketing : master commerce, master management et commerce international, master marketing vente, M1 en école de commerce…, Un bon niveau en langues dont l’anglais constitue un plus dans votre candidature.Â, Analyse du marché et du positionnement de l'entreprise, Spécificités du tourisme événementiel et rencontres d’affaires, Modalités d'évaluation: vous serez évalué sur chacun des objectifs du programme, en groupe ou en individuel, à travers des études de cas et des mises en situation professionnelle. Délivré par ESGCV-ESGCI, NSF 312p -. What is more, I could live close to campus. There are a number of scholarships available for successful applicants to the Tourism Destination Development Programme who are not EU/EEA citizens. Le Mastère Management du tourisme événementiel se fait à l’issue du Mastère I Management du tourisme ou du Mastère I Management de l’hôtellerie. Interaction with peers and staff from some 15 nations will expand both your professional network as well as your understanding of different cultural needs and values.You will learn about assessing global changes in the tourism industry and interpreting these changes in a local situation. The thesis was a real challenge, but I made it in time and graduated with all my classmates. This is available to all students in the programme, regardless of nationality, who pursue an approved internship within an Erasmus+ programme country (except Sweden). Just complete these two steps: Completed bachelor's degree majoring in Human Geography, Business Administration and Management, Tourism Studies, Economics or an equivalent degree or currently completing the final year of studies leading to such a degree. The Master’s in Innovation and Tourism Marketing is intended for people that are passionate about the culture of innovation, technology, and marketing applied in tourism organizations. For more information about scholarships, please visit our webpage about international student scholarships or contact us using the contact form on this website. As soon as I returned to Russia, I got a job at a four-star Eurasia Business Hotel (Rus­sia, Tyumen City) as an event coordinator in the Sales and Marketing Department, and so was able to use my knowledge and study experience. One day, my English teacher suggested to me and some classmates that we go to Sweden for an Erasmus exchange – 8 months, no big deal! Tourism Studies, Economics or an equivalent degree. See full entry requirements. 87 000 SEK (total)*EU/EEA Citizens are not required to pay tuition fees. No dream job for now, but probably a dream career to come, and thanks to my TDD master degree! All courses are taught in English by international faculty. Vos données seront conservées pour une durée de 3 ans ; pour en savoir plus sur la gestion de vos données personnelles et pour exercer vos droits, veuillez consulter la politique de protection des données de l’école ou envoyer un mail à l’adresse L'ESG Tourisme traite les données recueillies afin de gérer vos demandes d’information et vous accompagner dans votre orientation. The main aim of EMTM is to prepare future professionals who will embrace responsibility in tourism institutions making sustainable and effective decisions. You will normally have four to eight hours of classes a week, 20 to 30 hours of individual reading and writing assignments, and group projects.Since the TDD Programme admits only a small number of students, you will easily get to know your classmates and be involved with activities in and around Dalarna and Sweden with new-found friends. Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research (CeTLeR), The interface between Dalarna University and the regional business community. The way of teaching in Sweden is quite different than in the Netherlands: discussions in the classroom are very important. New travel destinations are appearing all the time. I couldn't leave Sweden! Student life in Borlänge may not seem that big at first, but the diverse range of cultures I met in Borlänge was extraordinary. En plus des cours articulés autours du marketing et du commerce, vous apprendrez à travailler avec les différents acteurs du secteur et les collectivités territoriales pour développer des projets d’envergure. Un stage de 6 mois en France ou à l’international, Mise à disposition du Career Center (plateforme d’offres d’emploi), Mise en place d’ateliers thématiques (construire son CV, rédiger une lettre de motivation, se présenter à un entretien…), Développement de partenariats entreprises pour multiplier les offres, Organisation d’événement dédié comme le forum de recrutement, Suivi et gestion des contrats étudiants en cours, Responsable marketing / Marketing manager. On vous demandera entre autres de définir et d’élaborer un plan d’action commerciale : actions, objectifs, moyens, budget, planning, argumentation et outil de pilotage et reporting. Â. Si vous n'obtenez pas le titre RNCP, sachez toutefois que si vous avez validé l'ensemble des compétences relatives à un bloc, ce bloc de compétences vous est acquis. Master mention Tourisme Parcours Hôtellerie, Restauration, Événement option Organisation de l’Hôtellerie - Angers option Événementiel et Rencontres d’Affaires - Angers option Organisation de la Restauration - Angers option Management de l’Exploitation des Hébergements - Angers To be eligible to apply for the Master of Event Tourism you need to meet the following requirements: You should have a bachelor’s degree in tourism management, hospitality management, sports management, leisure studies, recreation management, business, or a related area. Pour toute demande spécifique, n’hésitez pas à contacter directement notre service admissions. You should have a desire to combine your passion for sustainable tourism with a curiosity for the research and theory that drive the development of the global tourism industry towards sustainability. Tourism/Destination Development is always topical. Pour une formation de niveau bac+5 aux métiers de l’événementiel, il est possible d’opter pour un Master universitaire. N’hésitez pas à contacter nos équipes. Possibilité de doubles diplômes à l’internationalÂ, Marketing dans l'hôtellerie - Etude de marché, Environnement international de l'hôtellerie, Data driven marketing (méthode de sondage et traitement des données), Intelligence marketing et innovation appliquée aux rencontres et eventsÂ, Stratégies de développement et de destination, Management de site de tourisme événementiel, Crash test : management des risques et des crises, Mise en œuvre des stratégies et cahier des charges, Communication comportementale dans l'hôtellerie, Stratégie et tactique de négociation - Ingénierie d'affaires, Budget des actions marketing et commerciales, Stratégie des RH - Développement des compétences. The atmosphere at Dalarna University was very personal and intensive. Cette formation peut se faire en alternance. Main field of study: Human Geography. MASTER 2 TOURISME - Management of international tourism (MIT) The Management of International Tourism (MIT) Master’s Degree provides international students with in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge of the international dimension of tourism exchanges, and skills that are highly valued by specialist public institutions and tourism operators. Vous souhaitez intégrer ce cursus ? Combine this knowledge of change in tourism with a sound understanding of business administration for a crucial basis for a successful career as a change-maker in tourism. Rentrée de février ou octobre : vos projets n’attendent pas ! In the field of Tourism you can learn a variety of things, such as arranging and planning tours, how the industry works, marketing strategies, counseling and law. Study Environment. Délivré par ESGCV-ESGCI, NSF 312p - Niveau 7. Also, all the teachers were very skilled and responsive. Il peut s’agir d’un salon, d’un congrès, d’un festival, d’un lancement de produit ou encore d’un cocktail. Le département Scie… Analyser le marché, ses acteurs et le positionnement de l’entreprise ; Ajuster et mettre en œuvre la stratégie de développement commercial ; Gérer le budget et les actions attribuées au département marketing ou commercial ; Définir et mettre en œuvre une stratégie de fidélisation et de gestion de la relation client, Cours dispensés par des professionnels issus des entreprises spécialisées dans le tourisme. Ecole de commerce spécialisée en management et marketing du tourisme et de l’hôtellerie. L’objectif est de promouvoir un produit, une marque, une enseigne, etc. You will also visit businesses, cultural heritage managers and event organizations as well as regional tourism destinations. After another internship abroad, I am back in Sweden for good, with a job in the tourism field in Stockholm. Visa tillfällen för föregående termin Autumn Term 2021 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen. This allows for reasonable processing time for a residence permit application.If you have any questions about tuition fee payments, please e-mail The educational system was great and suited me really well, I started to travel around and I made myself real friends. The courses in the TDD Programme prepare you to work within the tourism and marketing fields, and can lead to countless job opportunities, including positions as: You will most likely find work in destination-marketing organisations, at hotels, in activity companies, and within local and regional tourism-planning organisations throughout the world. The TDD programme was a great year. IELTS (academic training), 6.5 (with no part of the test below 5.5), TOEFL (Internet-based): 90 (with a minimum of 20 on the written part), TOEFL (paper-based): 575 (with a minimum of 4.5 on the written part). It was a year of new ex­periences and made me an independent person. You will graduate equipped to be a leader and decision-maker, ready to operate at senior levels of an organisation in roles such as: Dalarna University is a small university, which will allow you to develop close professional relationships with your classmates and teachers. It felt cosy and quiet. Ce cursus de haut niveau académique peut être dispensé au sein d’écoles spécialisées comme les écoles de communication, de commerce, de management ou encore les universités et les IAE. My time in Dalarna was the most impressive time in my life. We wrote a paper about this festival for one of my classes. It might sound cliché but it is real, and I don't regret any piece of it. Students can also train locally or overseas in this industry as a part of their schooling, with a specific focus on their area of event and leis… Il n’existe pas de passerelle vers d’autres formations. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in addition to being a profitable activity that contributes strongly to the GDP of many countries, tourism can be a development tool, if it works with the integral sustainability approach, that is, it contributes to the development. EU/EEA Citizens or exchange students are not required to pay fees. La formation événementielle et la formation tourisme combinée se focalisera essentiellement sur la partie stratégique et managériales. Le Mastère management du tourisme événementiel est un programme spécialisé en gestion de projets touristiques événementiels. Cette formation s’effectue le plus souvent en alternance, ce qui permet aux étudiants de mettre en pratique toutes leurs connaissances théoriques. You can use this degree to apply for PhD studies in Sweden. Maîtriser les outils fondamentaux de la gestion de projet touristique(étude, conception de produit, budget, management d’équipe…) Theory and Research Methods (TR3010) (15 credits). Genève : des formations hôtellerie, tourisme et événementiel. Cette formation vous permet d’acquérir des … Vous avez des questions sur la procédure d’admission à l’ESG Tourisme ? Titre de Manager Marketing et développement Commercial. Click on the blue "Apply" button to create a user account and add the programme to your account in the online application portal. Studying at DU was a great experience. Plus de 130 universités étrangères partenaires pour y étudier 1 ou 2 semestres. Le Master en Tourisme et Hôtellerie d'ESEI est un diplôme pratique, idéal pour les personnes passionnées par les relations avec les consommateurs, l'innovation, la stratégie et la gestion hôtelière. The most common and important scores that are accepted are, For specific information, see the webpage on about English documentation. L’événementiel, c’est la création, la promotion, l’organisation, la gestion d’évènements à caractère culturel, sportif, touristique, politique, festif… Il rassemble des individus (consommateurs, clients, presse, salariés, particuliers, amis, famille…) autour d’un thème ou … Typically, there are 20 students in each class. I have made friends from all over the world and have got to know so many other cultures. In the learning platform Learn you can find study-related information. Meet some of our students and hear what they have to say about their time in Dalarna and experiences with the programme. Après avoir suivi le Mastère management du tourisme événementiel, vous serez en mesure de mobiliser les compétences suivantes : *Titre de Manager Marketing et développement Commercial. Somehow, Sweden inspired me that year and I wanted to do so many things – I took Swedish and Russian courses, I wrote a blog while writing my thesis at the same time (which was my first thesis ever). English B at Swedish upper secondary school, or equivalent knowledge. Nous sommes à votre écoute pour vous accompagner. En plus des cours articulés autours du marketing et du commerce, vous apprendrez à travailler avec les différents acteurs du secteur et les collectivités territoriales pour développer des projets d’envergure. L’événementiel rassemble tout ce qui se rapporte à la création, la gestion, la promotion et l’organisation d’événements professionnels. The study trips were very informa­tive and useful. Métiers - Tourisme - Evénementiel Première destination touristique mondiale, la France compte plus d’un million d’emplois dans le secteur du tourisme . Lessons include lectures; seminars; group discussions; presentations; study visits; and written assignments. With no questions asked, I decided to go to Sweden! It was true satisfaction. Site visits to regional tourism destinations combined with research conducted at Dalarna University aim to give you knowledge as to how sustainable destination development is implemented in Sweden and the world. Alors que rien ne la prédestinait à travailler pour un hôtel 4 étoiles en France, Alina Garmonshikova revient sur son parcours depuis la Russie en passant par Paris School of Tourism & Communication (ex-EPH), détaille son métier de responsable événementiel et livre quelques conseils aux étudiant.e.s. According to the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry (BTW), tourism accounts for one in 15 jobs in Germany. You may also apply for a full Bologna Master Degree at some of our partner universities in Europe. My plans then were to finish my diploma and get a job where I lived. The programme included many interesting courses, such as Sustaina­ble Tourism, Urban and Rural Tourism De­velopment and Tourism Marketing. We also send information about the page in the message. The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Barcelona incorporates comprehensive perspectives on tourism by addressing numerous sectors within the industry, from global tourism companies and sustainable tourism to marketing of destinations and emerging concerns in international tourism and hospitality. La licence pro événementiel est une formation en relation constante avec le terrain : les étudiants participent activement à l’organisation des événements et des manifestations. Des métiers qui touchent aussi à l'hôtellerie, à l'événementiel et aux langues étrangères. I learned a lot and also discovered a passion for the tourism field. You will gain the ability to critically assess the consequences of different strategies for sustainable tourism destination development. Students from all over the world come to study Tourism Destination Development at Dalarna University. Il est important de vérifier que celui suscitant votre intérêt est bien reconnu par l'État. Submit the required documents to verify that you fulfill the entry requirements listed below. I couldn't understand them, my English was far from being good, but I made new friends, learnt, and got the language quite fast. L’événementiel est un outil de communication (interne ou externe) utilisé par les entreprises dans le but d’organiser un événement professionnel. It is usually possible to upload the required documents to your user account. L’employabilité de nos étudiants étant notre priorité, nous intégrons dans notre pédagogie une place importante à l’entreprise. Tuition fees are paid in two installments of 43 500 SEK and the first payment must be paid no later than June 1. We offer you a small-scale study environment. Tourism is a major growth industry internationally, and there is an urgent need for knowledge on how to develop destinations in a sustainable manner. Cette formation vous équipera, afin de faire de vous un véritable manager de formation événementiel et de tourisme prêt à apporter des solutions concrètes dans son entreprise. Upon completion of this programme, you will receive a Master of Science in Tourism Studies. You can receive an Erasmus+ grant to complete an internship and can apply for one up to 12 months after completing your studies. Specialisation: Tourism. Its numerous sub-sectors (hotels and other types of accommodation establishments, restaurants, travel agencies, tourist transport, cruise companies, tourist animation, event management, guide services, rent-a-car, destination management organisations, etc.) A Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography, Business Administration and Management, Program menu Overview Program Structure Academic Calendar Faculty Admission & Fees The Online Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management presents students with in-depth comprehension and knowledge of the tourism and … Learn more about, Outbound Exchange Studies and Traineeships, International Students: Application and Admission Information, Incoming Exchange Students: Application/Nomination Process for Studies, Master’s Programme (one year) in Materials Engineering, Master Programme in Tourism Destination Development, webpage on about English documentation, Event Tourism - Planning, Marketing, Evaluation, Managing and Interpreting Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. On top of that, the various guest lectures and study trips gave us the opportunity to explore current tourism development and to create innovative ideas for the future. Then a Master in Tourism may be exactly what you need.