La variación interanual del PIB ha sido del -5,7%, 107 décimas mayor que la del segundo trimestre de 2020, que fue del -16,4%. I felt awesome wearing it. It has a great drydown, which is not so common in frags now a days. Feuillage: Persistant. Just received a 250 ml flacon from 1987 original release. Creed - Bois Du Portugal Drydown w/o the bitter top. Yes it dries down to a fougere, yes it is a fougere at heart but this is layered. The bergamot opening is crisp and becoming, and I love the smoothness of the transition into the herbal lavender heart. This effect I could do without, but I wonder if it is possible to do this kind of fragrance without beeing either powdery or dusty. When I first started into the world of fragrances, one of the first things I learned was the dichotomous opinions of the Creed house. Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. Uniquely masculine and brilliantly constructed. Veuillez laisser ce champ vide. You’ll be rewarded on the dry down to what I would describe as a barber shop scent within 30 minutes. It can be a bit much both in spices and price, but high quality and long lasting evening scent to be worn during the autumn and winter months emerging into early spring. It just works - not for the young, but great for the young at heart! I love the opening and wish I could find a linear scent like that as well. The drydown is much mellower and soft. Edit: looks like they got downvoted into oblivion, which is good. This map was created by a user. Dries down to a powdery wood with a hint of citrus. Initial whiffs upon smelling the beginning does scream "old man" but people need to look past that. Hopefully, I get this for Christmas this year or something. And when you put them together, it's nearly impossible to tell what's actually in this bottle, it's that well mixed and combined. They could not just vault a scent without realistically looking at replacing the empty spot in their lineup. A … Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. Not for clubbing but I actually would wear this on a date. Putting aside the top notes (since I generally try to avoid most of them), what I get is a syrupy, slightly musky blend of amber/vanilla, spices, lavender, and civet. If you can find the older version, before the new bottle design, snag it up! Maybe it's wood oil I'm smelling, but it smells like leather to me. Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. I bought a sample of this on ebay this week waiting for it to come in stay tuned. silverlook1 - you do realize this came out in 1987 right? Not to much hype surrounding this which is kind of baffling to me. Cedar is dominant, and frankly I dislike cedar, enough to make avoiding this note in fragrance a priority, no matter how high-end or well conceived it is. Not pleasant for a work environment, indoors or outdoors. It is a rich strong lavender, sandalwood and bergamot blast. I'm sorry for typing so much, it's just that I'm head over heels in love with this artfully crafted perfume. The first time i smelt this i couldn't wait to wash it off. To be blunt, I don't like it and I try really hard to enjoy it. Sample first and decide. To my nose, the dry down of this fragrance is where it shines. I sampled this one today in Harry Rosen. De plus, en ce qui concerne la composition des poteaux en pin maritime que nous commercialisons, ils sont traités à la Tanalith E 8001 (Pour plus de détails visionnez la fiche produit CTB p+ ci dessous) This is a beastmode fragrance with an old time Fougere scent. It is in the same ballpark as Spice & Wood, but more potent. And this is the best I think I would say. If that doesn't apply to you, then wear this on those tense occasions at work, where you've got to be the anchor, the rock, or the man with the plan! The dry down just gets better. It is intoxicating to females and a wonderful demure fragrance. Good projection and longevity. In my opinion this is the best Creed fragrance. The word millesime appears on many CREED fragrance bottles and is a mark of quality. Possibly the king of the house of Creed. I catch myself applying it before going to bed.. it's that good! JG 051212. Caron for men boasts a far better herbal lavender accord, and even Cool Water, with its blatantly synthetic "blue" lavender, manages to integrate the note with more finesse. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. This is a Man in a three piece suit, with a bow-tie, hairy, deep voice and bold, think Sir Sean Connery (James Bond). I was very touched by this generous gesture, but BdP is perhaps more suited for someone's 60th Birthday! Un'altra fragranza raffinata, dominata dal sandalo e dal legno di cedro. Bois De Portugal starts with an uncompromising leather/tobacco accord that immediately brings to mind of late seventies / early eighties macho fragrances. At this juncture, after the opening, and for the following hour or so I get a fine aromatic, maybe too fine, somewhat salty fragrance of woods with slight smoke in it that gives an impression of standing in front of burning firewood wearing a laid-back aftershave. Some of the links we use are affiliate links, meaning if you click the links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission, which helps us keep the site running, Show all stockists of Bois du Portugal in the Shopping Directory, Show all fragrances by Creed in the Perfume Directory, See all launches from 1987 in the Perfume Directory, Finalists Announced for 9th Annual Basenotes Awards Sponsored by FragranceNet, Finalists Announced for 8th Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards, Finalists announced for the 7th Annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards sponsored by Aedes de Venustas, Scents of the Week 7th February 2010 to 13th February 2010, Scents of the Week 31st Jan 2010 - 6th Feb 2010. Longevity is good at 7+ hrs. +meshary007 I'm sold. Dolcemente speziato. I'm assuming the vetiver mixed with the cedar is giving off that sort of spicy almost sweet powdery woody scent that is like heaven when mixed with the lavender and ambergris. :D. Creed Bois du Portugal is boss. It's a traditional men fragrance, but it's slightly more wearable than most others in the era. I feel so lifted and I don’t know what it is about this scent. 2 sprays - medium projection for several + hours, This is indeed a special fragrance. Holiday apartments in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal. Argentina. Creed BOIS DU PORTUGAL has a marked incense note, which dominates the composition from start to finish. The sweetness comes off very natural from the sandalwood and the citrus adds a touch of tartness. I love the lavender sandalwood combo. It ticks all the cliches - woody, spicy, boring. I took me quite a while to get all of them and I couldn't be any happier. But calling this feminine is utterly ridiculous in my opinion. For Creed elegance, I'd go with Royal Mayfair, which also has better silage and longevity than BdP. @Honestjbone You Actually have nailed it with this Amazing piece of masculine mascline fragrance. It lasts, but goes to skin scent rather quickly. So I decided not to wear it for a few days. The opening of Creed's Bois du Portugal hits you like an olfactory ton of bricks. I love the smell, but I am unimpressed with the performance. Lavender, woods, and a tad bit of citrus. Bois du Portugal should be the first result if you type "masculine fragrance" into Google. I have an old bottle it must be 15 years old, liquid gold, the juice has matured to perfection. BdP opens with a balsamic bergamot note and immediately feels old school. It's got that old fashioned vibe of a men's scent, but very refined and with a ton of class and very suave. Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. This fragrance has an undeniable older gentleman vibe, but is timeless enough that all generations can appreciate it. This scent is a true classic. Not for everyday and only for special nights, accompanied by the relevant suit. The powdery is what came through the most and that's not what I'm into (if you are, try L'Occitane Vetyver; powdery and it's way less expensive). This is the one you pull out when your dressed up. Le territoire du pays, sans compter les Açores et Madère, est situé à l'extrême sud-ouest du continent européen. I did not care much for BdP when I first tried it. Despite what some have said it's not one of those polarising vintage fragrances.. however with that being said it's certainly not a bubble gum modern scent. WOw this might be my favorite creed that I’ve ever smelled. Of the "masterpiece" fragrances, Bois du Portugal is on the short list. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. BdP is not powdery, but "dusty". This should not be compared to any other perfume because It's a unique creation. Definitely for a sophisticated and experienced mature man. I might be biased as I've gotten older, and I am 41, but I do tend to gravitate to more "heavier", "woody based" "spicy scents". A must have for gentlemen. This is a powerful, mature fragrance from Creed, with woody, spicy notes that linger and project well. Gorgeous. But sometimes that is all you really need in a fragrance. Il permet également d'éliminer les taches de graisse, cire, huile, cambouis ou goudron. It's a very clean woody perfume that lasts 12 hours on my skin. Like all Creed's it is made with quality ingredients, and BdP lasts *forever. But I'll never buy a full bottle at Creed prices. It is incredibly serious, and as someone else mentioned, very linear. Knowing that it's lavender confused me. Frank Sinatra's favourite perfume was it? I've received compliments like crazy and people want to know what it is. Brings to mind old fashioned barbershops from yesteryear. Although it smeels quite the same as Mr H and Mr NY, BdP is airy, smooth and effortlessly classy. For me this is the standout of the Creed line, i dislike all other offerings. I thought it was a bit dull, a bit boring and overpriced. I'm sure some people out there will feel the same.. but it's more of a personal / family thing. It is however not alone in this regard so in comparison with the peer group of current offerings it's still a great fragrance. An explosion of aroma-therapeutic lavender off the top of BdP slides rapidly into a sandalwood, cedarwood, and ambergris arrangement. Le nématode du bois de pin, un ver microscopique inconnu en Europe ailleurs qu'au Portugal, où il est désigné comme la "maladie du pin", devrait s'étendre au reste du continent, selon les conclusions d'une mission d'experts internationaux réunie jeudi à Lisbonne. I've still got a bottle from the early 90s that smells gorgeous - it probably still had the real sandalwood in it . * reconnaissance : Fiche DSF 2010 Nematode du pin (format pdf - 966.1 ko - 15/12/2015) Envoi automatique d'emails et de sms de rappel avant tous les rendez vous. Overall it's ok but nothing special in my opinion and way overpriced. Dimensions adultes: Hauteur et largeur jusqu'à 20 m et plus. I see myself as a fan of beautiful fragrances. Manly man, not a young man, but 35 and up. Old-fashioned but very remarkable. The woody notes are there and has hints of spice. En Europe et en Amérique du Nord deux espèces à cinq feuilles sont bien connues : respecti vement le Pin cembro ou Arolle et le I guess this is what makes perfume stand the test of time. Absolutely stunning. But to each his own. I sniffed this out on a paper strip 3 different times at Neiman Marcus and just thought " it smells ok " I didn't think much of it, walked out and threw the strip in the trash along with other strips but this last time I sprayed it on my forearm "the rest of my arms were already sprayed with other fragrances" and I spent a good part of my day smelling like a complete mess but late in the evening after the fragrances died down something so pleasant kept wafting passed my nose, I smelled my forearm and just couldn't believe how fantastic BdP had turned out, I mean I was totally freaking floored! Yes, it's quite similar, but a shell of its former self. It is best of Creed in my opinion! But the way this scent changes is amazing, the Houdini of the fragrance world. Aromatic, rounded, sparkling, juicy, elegant... all these things. l'Association Culturelle Portugaise De Nantes pin-sec et sont groupe Folcklorique "Les Étoiles du Portugal" a Été fondés en 1988 A Nantes Yes, it's "old school", but with a sophistication that is unique. Hated it at first, then loved it, then eventually wore it as a signature scent for a while. I really love this one and can't think of anyone not enjoying it. It's a very bold, and old time fragrance that lasts! 2019? Very weak projection on me. Had Bois du Portugal been around when Ian Fleming was writing then this would have been the fragrance worn by James Bond - a classy and timeless masculine scent. Very masculine. Compared it to the 120 ml and they dont smell the same. I will never use it again as is not the type of masculine scent i like....I bought it for EUR 165 and is for sale if someone wants it. The ViaMichelin map of Portugal: get the famous Michelin maps, the result of more than a century of mapping experience. Some people dislike and some find it too old fashion. Now £24 on Tripadvisor: Pinhal do Sol Hotel, Quarteira. BdP evolves a lot past the opening, but does not fail to pleaso at any point. This fragrance smells of green lavender with sandalwood and vetiver. This stuff is amazing; I wondered, did I spray the right one? It has a green, somewhat woody opening, and gets much more woody in drydown. Parmi les pins à trois feuilles d'origine Nord-américaine on peut citer les Pin us taeda, P. ponde rosa et P. bungeana. It gets compared to New York Intense, which has much better performance and which I like better. It is rather a review of what I feel about the scent. but I also get the impression of deep, animalic, slightly untamed beast hiding just beneath the surface. To my nose, this has more to do with incense, cedar, lavender and vetiver than it does sandalwood so I was surprised to see the sandalwood note voted so high. Why I said this? Le pin maritime, pin des Landes, pin de Bordeaux, pin de Corte1 ou pin mésogéen (Pinus pinaster), est une espèce de conifères de la famille des pinacées. I can see a confident 20 something male wearing this; Suggestion, reroute from the modern sweet, unisex, citrusy fragrances that we find ourselves wearing and try something that has flare and ambiance!!! BdP does not allow for many herbal nuances or real flourishes of any other notes, instead BdP is a thick lavender, sandalwood and cedar scent. I don't know if this is true but I read it a lot and Creed does have a reputation for messing up their fragrances pretty regularly and my own experience with Aventus and Royal Oud make me believe it. The timeless and adored legend Bois du Portugal is being vaulted. This is one very capable man. Seems more appropriate for older, distinguished men. EUR 100 and the delivery on me. A woody-rich scent, Bois du Portugal captures the fragrant forest of the Iberian Peninsula. Wood, spices, herbs. I am the happy owner of the Holy Trinity of men's scents: Guerlain 1995 Heritage, present Parfum de Nicolai New York and Creed Bois du Portugal. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation. I remember this being much better than it is now although I have been out of the fragrance "world" for quite some time. Such is the case with Bois du Portugal...a classic, yet timeless, fragrance that reminds me of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (the Matt Helm version) each and every time I wear it with my hair slicked back and sportin' a blazer. More and more places in Portugal are moving from the magnetic strip credit card to the new system of "Chip and PIN." D é p a r t e m e n t S a n t é F o r ê t s . Octowood France SARL distribue depuis de nombreuses années les poteaux en pin maritime du fabricant portugais MTL pour l’arboriculture. Mar 17, 2019 - Nazaré avec ses plus grosses vagues pour faire du surf ! The opening was a mix of spiciness and freshness in a green sort of way. I have an older bottle of this and it performs amazingly, I hope that the new batches are similar in performance. This is for the 35 and up club and this has to be worn for those gentlemanly or family occasions. NOT for little girls. Portugal en français. This is a classic for sure. By far the top fragrance for men by Creed. Worth a sample. As with most Creeds, it has moderate-soft projection, and dies down into a skin scent in about 2-3 hours. I fortunately bought a 120ml flacon (about the time they were phasing them out) so I will be set for a few years! When you break it down, this is a very simple fragrance when it comes to note breakdowns. Cette essence de pin pure gemme du Portugal vous garantit, de part sa provenance, la proportion la plus faible de terpène sensibilisant Delta-3-carène. When you talk about masterpieces, this is on the top of the list. Reminds me of Aramis or a much more spicy Chanel Pour Monsieur. I'm surprised it's known as a "woody oriental". ..but does anyone else get a nice clove note in this in addition to the other notes???? However, the cedar in Bois du Portugal melds well with the sandalwood, which is dense and creamy. Actualités du Portugal. It's just really classy woody-aromatic scent that exudes good-guy, tough-guy, kiss the girls and administer brass-knuckle sandwiches to any scumbags who mess with me. 10/10. It is extremely spicy and woody, but in a rather stodgy, dandified way. The only real relief from this strong linear beast is the vetiver and ambergris, which add a bit of a sweet, earthy and salty element to this scent. If that is worth the high Creed price (there are cheaper alternatives), that's up to you. This is Macho in a spray bottle. I received this as a gift from one of my best friends for my 30th Birthday. I get a little citrus and oakmoss. I have now heard everything. Overall it's ok but nothing special in my opinion and way overpriced. For occasions when one wants to make an impact. It has a warm barbershop feel to it. The man who wears BdP walks a fine line between gentleman and arrogant prick, but either way you adore him! introduit le nématode du pin. #portugal #nazare #momp Evokes a lot of memories for me because of the cedar note, which is not "new"--it's "aged" when it is blended with the other accords. It's very old-fashioned and masculine. This is what I wear when I want to feel like a classic, refined gentleman. I was inspired to buy this back in September 2010 for an event I went to for a 1920's theme for Elves and More...raising money for bikes for kids at Christmas. Another idea is to find some vintage Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (for a low price on ebay), so long as you like leather notes. I agree with many reviews stating this is a mature masculine scent. I find it quite silimar with Heritage Guerlain. Although I'm a strong believer in 'any age can wear any perfume', this particular scent is aimed for elder men, think 35+: it has a tobacco, dry, woody smell. The ingredients feel high quality. in my opinion, not something you would want to last for a long duration. When I was a kid, at home we had a letter opener made from authentic Mysore sandalwood - it was a souvenir from a trip to India. But I wear BdP when it's time to be the boss. The opening is so beautiful to me, but also bizarre. This masculine fragrance takes its cue from the word bois, meaning “woods” in French. It is stellar. I'm only mentioning Lalique PH because it's in the same vain as BdP but they're nowhere near the same. 10/10. Oh, this is good stuff! I expected something more in this perfume. Here it just smells detached and loud, as though the nose behind the perfume wanted lavender to introduce the woods and then make for the door. It is for an exalted man with perfect outfit style. Although it was introduced couple of years after GIT, the latter is more versatile and has been on high demand since, but Its not the same for this one. I moved on, went my separate ways -- eventually I ran into Lalique Pour Homme. i have 2 bottles, the 16f01 and 50ml new batch of 18B01, and for the new batches, which came out with new style bottles in 2018 i find next changes: Superb masculine fragrance and for me the epitome of class.

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